Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Night Out Essentials

'Tis the season for holiday parties galore, and then (of course) there is New Year's Eve! Not that I am this huge party go-er, but I have been finding myself reaching for a clutch or wristlet as I head out to celebrate with friends or colleagues.  Not usually my norm...I like to take my whole purse with me JUST IN CASE I happen to need every single solitary thing- so not reasonable!  So, I decided recently if I had to scale back, what are my must haves?  (Phone, keys, ID, $$ and/or credit cards are a given.) 

I'm a total germ-aphobe.
Purell is a must. (and the 1 oz. are PERFECT)
Purell Hand Sanitizer $1.69
Thin compact mirror (Thin is KEY).
Amazon $5.00
Lip color that doesn't move!  Big fan of this.
Mac Pro Longwear $25.00
Not only do I love the scent (gardenia-like), but the size is killer.
I have never worn it without a compliment!
Kai perfume oil $48.00
I prefer the cinnamon and are perfect post meal!
Listerine pocket packs $7.50 for 3
Happy night out to all!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cable Cable Everywhere!

Snuggly softness is key at this time of year.  These last couple days in New England have been misery- rain, cold, wind, blah.  It so makes me want to curl up in a cozy blanket, read my magazines and drift off into blissful slumber.  Zzzzzzz  It just feels so natural to reach for all things cable knit, and I am finding it in the most amazing places this year!  Check these out:

Classic, cozy and cheap(er)! Love PB sale items :)
Cable Knit Throw $63
How darling are these for a hot cup of tea?
Local friends, Pine Straw sells them (and the tea kettle too!)
Cable Knit Mug $8.95
I so want these towels!!!
Cable Bath Towel, Target $12.99
I think a cream cardigan like this is essential.
Gap Cable Knit Cardi $69.95 (on sale now!)
Go ahead, grab your cable knit and rest up for the holidays!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Smells like Christmas

This past weekend, I went to my favorite local grocer, and they had a million fresh pine trees all lined up for someone to take home.  That smell is something I literally want to unleash the moment December 1 arrives!  It's clean and woodsy and makes me want to breathe fresh air on top of a snow capped mountain.  Shall we go??

Do you have any favorite pine scented products?  Here's a few of mine: 

Thymes makes the BEST Frasier Fir scent, IMO.
I happen to love the mist so I can spray my (fake) Christmas tree to smell like pine!
Home Fragrance $18
This Yankee Candle is a staple in my house at the holidays!
Balsam & Cedar $27.99
Another terrific option for a great price.
Soap & Paper Factory: Roland Pine $28
Love the lotion! Travel sizes are the best.
Stonewall Kitchen: White Pine $12.50 (lotion)
Can't you just smell the lure of pine now?? :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bauble Blow Out

'Tis the season for all things sparkly, shiny and pretty.  I happen to be obsessed with Baublebar based out of NYC (and the social media director happens to be a Bentley alumna!).  There are so many fun, sassy pieces that would complement and add pizzazz to a holiday outfit.  Statement necklaces are easy, but also think about a great pair of earrings or bracelet to stand on their own.  Easy to pick one at these prices, and I love that there is free shipping/returns!  (when will retailers learn how enticing that cost savings is to a consumer??)  Not to mention the (free) gift boxes are a prize in and of themselves!  If you sign up your email, you also get an instant 15% off- such a winner in my book.

Here's a few of my top picks:  
 Every girl needs this classic piece.
Crystal Bloom Collar $48
 A no-brainer: great color options!
Candy Floss Gem Collar $44
Stretchable and colorful- sold!
Mirrored Triad Bud Stretch $36
L O V E these.
Crystal Sunshower Drops $36
Color is clearly the name of the game!
Cha Cha Drops $32
Aren't you inspired to dress up an outfit now??

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tartan to the Max!

So I must be on a plaid kick, because I just can't get enough of Scottish tartan plaid these days (plus the buffalo plaid I just recently posted on).  There's something uber holiday-esque about this print, and best yet- it just screams winter in New England.  I love how there are so many ways to play with the print- add army green, leopard, a statement necklace, etc.  It all works, and it all makes me get ready for the most wonderful time of the year! :)

So awesome! I recommend First Dance from Essie.
Thanks to Pinterest for this one!
Could these be any cuter?
Anthropologie $128

Yes! to this look...
Check out this scarf: $24.95
Or layer this top under an army green military jacket.
LLBean $39.95
Adorable- and made with Pendleton wool.
Etsy clutch $60
Go on- get something to add to your closet!  You won't regret it :)

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Buffalo Plaid Rocks

Maybe if I were from Maine, I would feel differently about buffalo plaid.  But truly, I think it's adorable- kind of a mix between lumberjack country and New England prep school.  This time of year buffalo plaid shows up as it has a festive, holiday feel, especially in the red and black combo.  I fancy some of the alternative tones, too.  Just wear it in a classic form (don't go too far back country!)- it can look a little drab if not coupled with a great pair of jeans, for example. See if you like any of these classic options:

LLBean $24.95
Perfect fleece for a weekend trip
Joe Fresh JCP $13.99
Ready for rain?  Yep!
Target $29.99
How about a nice green version?
Gap $54.95
Most of the time you will see buffalo plaid in a flannel or fleece fabric, but find a cozy, soft version and get yourself ready for comfort!  I happen to covet a nice pair of sleep pants...

Friday, October 31, 2014

Gladiators Unite!

Are you a Gladiator?  Perhaps that once conjured up thoughts of Russell Crow and his rockin' body in the movies, but's all about Olivia Pope!  I am hooked on the show Scandal and was equally as in love with The Limited's The Scandal Collection.  Have you seen it? 

Some stellar pieces that scream Olivia and also make me want to go kick some ass in Washington, wear a white hat, and have a love affair with Scott Foley (I will always have a soft spot for him!).  What's your favorite piece?

Drape Collar Wrap Coat $248
 Amazing windowpane check!
Check Trench Coat $248

Classic Olivia peplum jacket
Check Peplum Jacket $168

God I love this show!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Save the Boots!

This week in New England, we are feeling winter inch its way here. (ugh) Isn't it too early for frost on our cars??  Well, while winter is inevitable, at least I get to wear my boots again :)  In full disclosure, long sleeve dresses, opaque tights and boots are my go-to outfits these next (several) months.  So, to prepare, I pulled out a few pairs, only to find at the end of last winter, I did a poor job cleaning them off before putting them away.  Two words: salt stains.  ARGH!  How happy was I that I found these little treats (thanks, O magazine!) to clean them right up!  They really do work on all fabrics- leather and suede even!- and I breathed a sigh of relief.

My boots were saved! Hooray!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Tortoise and the Hair

Tortoise is everywhere this fall.  I'm seeing it in all the likely, hair accessories, shoes.  But it's the unexpected places that are making it very fun, too!  I happen to really love the combination of tortoise and turquoise- the colors just look fabulous together and somehow make me think of my southwestern roots. I also am loving olive green/gold/tortoise combos. Take a gander at these beauties and see what you can add to your collection this year:

Love this perfect statement necklace
Bauble Bar $46.00
The gold accent is just classy
JCrew $14.00
 The bee is such a whimsy detail!
Target $19.99
Coveting these beauties!
RayBan $180.00
Pretty updo on this gal
Nordstrom $18.00
I also think redheads, brunettes and blondes alike can sport tortoise.  It has a warm, cozy feel that oozes fall and invites images of prep school :)  Happy tortoise hunting!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Wall Magic

I just moved into a new office space, and I've been looking for some fun wall art to add some personal touches.  While I would prefer to buy original art, it's hard not to break the bank a bit.  Plus, I'd rather save those pieces to enjoy in my home :)  So, in the meantime, I certainly enjoy a good monogram and found these great possibilities...

A perfect size and statement piece!
Ballard Designs $35
These bronze letters are very classy.
Pottery Barn $29.50
Love the texture of this one!
Pottery Barn $29
Too Obnoxious? :) I love my state!
Pottery Barn $199
Always open to ideas/suggestions- but I am leaning toward the vintage marquee from Ballard to imagine other possibilities!  Bon Weekend!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Make Way for Aubergine

I took a nice little hiatus from blogging this summer (miss me?), and I feel ready for Fall!  Ready for those cool, crisp days, the change over wardrobe, closed toe shoes...ahhh it's in the air.  As I peruse my stack of fashion magazines, one thing is very clear:  the color Aubergine.  Such a fancy, elite word for eggplant purple :)

Here's a few things across the web that make my cut:

First of all, check out the Duchess looking smashing in the "it" color:

(congrats on Baby #2 to Kate, William and George!)
The skinny jean in this deep color would look so great with complementary navy, olive green, grey, slate blue or ivory.
Madewell $99.50
Solid staple for the closet = no brainer!
GAP Eversoft V-neck $39.95
I am dying to get these- what a classy, sassy shoe!
Boden Flat T-Bar $108.00
This is my ideal scarf season- this would look great with so many pieces!
Garnet Hill Patchwork Paisley $128.00
You should check out your closet (see what you bought at the end of last fall >> guilty) and add a nice touch of Aubergine to your collection.  Happy (almost) fall!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hope with H&M

I spent a lot of time over the past couple weekends going through my wardrobe and making donation piles.  As you can imagine, I have way more than I need, and over time, things just accumulate.  Parting with "just ok" items becomes easier as I get older- I'm less attached to the thing and feel lighter as the load is reduced.  I shopped recently at H&M and discovered a wonderful, socially conscious effort they've been marketing- have you see this?

Long Live Fashion!

1.  Bring to an H&M store any unwanted garments or home textiles in bags (like towels, bed linens, curtains, etc.).  The items do not have to be from H&M originally, just anything you no longer any condition.
2. H&M then offers you a voucher for 15% off one item of your choice. (limit two bags per customer, per day- so only 2 vouchers per day).
3.  Valid at ALL H&M locations!
4.  H&M does not profit from these items- but instead turns it over to the customer (by way of the voucher) and makes donations to local charity organizations.  Check out

Then here's where the good stuff happens:
REWEAR:  Clothing that can be reworn is marketed as second-hand goods.
REUSE: Textiles that are no longer suitable to wear, are converted into other products like cleaning cloths. 
RECYCLE:  Textiles that can't be reused get a new chance as textile fibers, or are used to manufacture products such as insulating materials for the auto industry.
ENERGY:  When rewear, reuse and recycle are not options, the textiles are used to produce energy

Pretty cool stuff, H&M- even if the dress I just bought didn't wash well (bummer)! :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Super Superga

It's travelin' season where everyone is off for adventures to the far corners of the world for culture, food, and fun.  While fashion over comfort may rule many women's wardrobe choices, I must say comfortable shoes should not be compromised.  Sure, a snazzy pair of heels makes sense for a luxurious night out to dinner (depending on how far you are walking), but for the day to day, sight-seeing, soak everything up kind of trip, make sure your tootsies are well tended to.

My favorite:  the Superga sneaker.  And better yet, guys and gals can equally benefit.  Leave it to the Italians in Torino (1911!) to get it right.

I favor the classic in mushroom (which is surprising b/c I hate shrooms)
Cotu Classic $65.00
Saw these recently and liked the details:
Crochet $90.00
Linen is SO fun!
Linu Light Grey $80.00
Slip on in a classic gingham- so happy!
Red Plaid $65.00
 You pick, but trust me when I say they are comfortable AND cute.  A rare find when you just don't want to wear athletic shoes. Happy travels!