Sunday, January 26, 2014

Piece of My Heart

I'm into puzzles.  Do you know this about me?  When snow-mageddon decides to hit or there's a momentary lapse in cable connection, I tend to take up puzzles.  I was psyched to receive "The 1980s" puzzle for Christmas, and I gifted a puzzle that is an aerial view of my friend's house, which was uber cool.  (Thanks LLBean)  But with Valentine's day approaching, I thought this was too cute to not feature:  The "where we met" puzzle for your sweetie!

Red Envelope $39.95
 It's pretty adorable- there's a heart shaped piece over your chosen location.  And not to mention, you get mad points for the sentimental look back at where it all began.  Pretty darn cute, no?  Here's to piecing your story of love together!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Time to Consign

Friends, Happy 2014!  I hope your shopping travels took you fun places over the holidays- maybe even getting exactly what you wanted from a return or exchange? :) In any case, I find this is the PERFECT time of year to consign your clothes. Out with the old, in with the new!  Have you ever tried?


Those of you who have Second Time Around stores in your area- go!  But I will say, each functions and runs differently.  One location (I'll refrain from saying which one) refused to take anything that wasn't high level designer...and this location wasn't exactly in downtown Boston.  But another location, a bit off the beaten path, has taken almost everything I bring in- without any hesitation!  In fact, just before Christmas, I got a $110 check in the mail from my items that sold.  Score!  How's that for helping pay off holiday debts?!

If you are afraid to try consignment, don't be.  It's worth a shot whether I am donating and getting a tax write off or getting some $$ back faster.  And if you like to shop consignment, you can get some GREAT deals between seasons.  I saw ridiculous markdowns on winter coats- designer label!

Good luck!