Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hats off to Summer!

On the day of the Kentucky Derby, I always covet the AMAZING hats women wear.  The elaborate design, the colors, the accessories, and the simple elegance of wearing a hat feels so glamorous.  Now that the summer is coming, I am gathering my summer gear- swimsuits, cover-ups, flip flops, and of course, the best floppy summer hat.  (did I forget the sunscreen? Redheads just are cursed by the sun.  Hence why I live where it's still 50 degrees in May.)

In any case, there are SO many fun options out there- and I think I'll have to break down and find a great one for my summer off!  If it helps, wearing a hat also protects that delicate facial skin- and I am starting to notice fine lines.  It's time to get a handle on this aging nonsense :)

Nautical navy perfection. 
Merona for Target $13.50

Classic natural works for everyone.
Joe Fresh for JCP $14.00
White makes me think "summer in the Hamptons"
Merona for Target $13.50
 Blending my recent post on ombre! It comes in navy and yellow, too!

Gap $29.95

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Happy Chic

I'm all for modern design, especially in geometric prints.  When I heard that JC Penney was partnering with Jonathan Adler (modern chic design potter extraordinaire), I just knew I had to have a piece from his collection to spruce up my house!  He calls the line "Happy Chic" which is enough reason for me to love it all.  And the prices are a smidge more reasonable.

Normally, Adler's pieces run $$ for ceramic pieces or even just gift items, but let's be honest- his work is fresh and feel good.  I've always loved the nesting trays- which are perfect for all kinds of uses...on your dresser for perfume bottles, bracelets, jewelry...on your coffee table for remote controls, candles, or coasters.  Whatever your passion, they are such a fun gift.

Carnaby Square Nesting Trays $148
Happy Chic Nesting Trays $95
Love the oven mitt!
Happy Chic $14
The corresponding pot holder
Happy Chic $10
Huge fan of the Lola pattern.  It just oozes happiness. 

Kitchen Towel 3 pack $20
So if you're looking to add a little (or a lot) of pattern to your home, this line doesn't fall short.  I've already loved having a a fresh piece in my home (I snagged the Lola floral pattern in an acrylic tray for my coffee table, but seems to be sold out now!). Enjoy a little happy chic in your life!