Friday, August 24, 2012

Let's Hear It For the Girl(s)!

Spoiler Alert: boys who read my blog (my brother and probably PH), this one's just not gonna do it for you.

Ladies, get your credit card ready to order- I am in love with a new (ultra cozy) bra called the COOBIE!

So my friend, A and I were traveling up the eastern seaboard a few weeks ago, and we stumbled upon one of these little treasures in a boutique in Salem, MA.  She found it first, with a "ooooo, come look at this! I want one!" and there history was made.  The coobie looks ordinary enough- almost sports bra like- but the straps are a bit too thin for that.  Colors are standard (and there's quite the variety), very little detail (some have a little lace, some not).  And shockingly, they are one size (well, 32A- 36D) and also make a plus size for 38-42D.  Honestly, you won't think much of it until you slip it on over the girls.

Then, you fall in love.  No underwire (honestly, what man thought of that idea??) and the softest fabric ever AND there's the slightest bit of padding so I really need to spell out why that's a valuable asset?

They were at STEAL where A and I bought our collection, but even for the lovely price of $20, I'd buy one for every day of the week if it were socially acceptable. Let's hear it for the girls!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Boden Blast

It's no secret I have a deep love for the UK designer, Boden.  They have whimsy patterns amidst practical styles that just seem to fit the occasion perfectly.  Over the years, I have blogged about Boden, but just yesterday I reached a new state of enlightenment with the brand. :)

Boston somehow scored the ability to host a sample sale at our convention center.  The first was last February (still can't recall why I couldn't go), but my friend, S made her way over for some pretty awesome finds.  This time around, the sample sale would not be missed!  Let me paint the picture of this experience...
The line of people waiting to get in...maybe 500?
Tables set up to form a large square with the middle open for workers to stand and restock.  Each square was designated by size for women, a kid's section, men's clothing and shoes.  And then PILES of everything Boden on top of these tables for shoppers to sort through and try on/buy.  At 10am, the doors open, women beeline for their size and just start stuffing these large bags (see image above) with anything that looks halfway interesting. 

Fast forward to "selection time"- so literally women (and some men!) just line up on the perimeter of this room and start trying on clothes.  Why yes, there were plenty of undergarments shown (!), but those of us prepared came wearing a form fitting tank and spandex shorts :)  So you try on your pile, discard what you don't like...and then the real fun...sorting through other people's piles! 

I cracked up at the good nature of folks there- offering items to strangers who looked to be the right size for it- all the while, trying to weed out what you really don't need.  Even while standing at the checkout line, there's piles forming (again more discoveries!), so when you finally reach the cashier, you could STILL be editing.

One of my favorite finds for $30!
I walked out with some great staples, even for my sister, and I loved every minute of it (Thanks to S, C and J for joining me)! You have to be in a good mood, bring water/snacks, have multiple people with you to feed the parking meter when it expires, and maybe bring a spare boyfriend/husband (if applicable) to stand in the checkout line to help speed up that process :) 

Counting down to February 2013!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Rearranging Itch

While I've had a little more time on my hands this summer, I have been home working on projects that seem to always take the back burner throughout the year.  When I was a kid, I remember rearranging my bedroom and loving the fresh feel it gave to my space.  This summer, I got a new bed (I guess 10 years was long enough?) and I got the itch to rearrange!

I am big on looking at something special from my bed when I am falling asleep and waking up.  In my old apartment, it used to be my closet (are you surprised??) because clearly I love the items inside.  Here, it's now a collection of pictures or words that bring me comfort.

In my spare room, I literally just moved the furniture to different places.  I wanted to sit at my desk and look out the window instead of the wall.  And I wanted to create a little nook for me to read and put my feet up, so I pulled a chair and ottoman from my bedroom.  With a few creative geometry moves, it looks great now!

Before I did all this, I found a handy little online tool called Floorplanner.  It literally helps you create a floor plan of your home so you can drag and place items in new locations.  It's free and relatively easy to use (I watched the tutorial before I began!). And watch, you'll get the itch too :)