Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gobble Gobble

Thanksgiving isn't just about turkey, folks- it's about gathering people together in abundance and gratefulness. One could argue that the very nature of my blog is contrary to finding contentment in what you have; however, I've found that even in moments of gratitude for "what is"- there can be great joy in "what is to come..."

So how does one shop for abundance? joy? gratefulness? You don't. You cultivate it. You don't hit up your local mall and find it among the sale racks.

Yet, I've found that shopping creates moments of gratefulness for me...not just b/c I am acquiring some new great find on occasion, but b/c I'm often doing it with people I love. Just the other day, a spontaneous excursion with my friend, Crista, reminded me that my favorite past-time brings me together with people.

So, while my sister and I ponder whether to get up Friday morning at 4am just to "catch the action" of Black Friday sales, I recognize it's also time that I get to spend with her.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone- May your shopping outings bring you together with people you love.

Friday, November 20, 2009

$39.99 should be a crime

My favorite discount retailer, Target, again has given me reason to brag.

It's that time of year, ladies, where the holiday dress buying frenzy begins. There's the inevitable holiday office parties, new year's events, and the countless cocktail gatherings where you are looking for something festive to wear. But seriously, who wants to spend $100 on a dress when you need some cash flow for gifts?!

I've been pleasantly surprised at Target's limited edition of holiday dresses that range from classic styles to more bold patterns. Best thing...they are all $39.99! Seriously, $40 for a dress? How can you go wrong??

I would recommend looking at them in person, rather than trying to select one online. The fabrics differ enough that you're likely to want to touch and feel them. But again, remember for a fun holiday dress that may only get 1 or 2 wears, $40 seems very very reasonable.

So before someone figures out what a crime this is, go to your local Target and snag one. And grab a little something else nice for yourself with all the money you just saved!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Did someone say FREE?

For reasons that I have already shared on my blog, ALWAYS do a search for free shipping codes when online shopping. I have saved anywhere from 5-10% just by doing a quick search.

As I was reading my latest December issue of O Magazine (Ellen Degeneres dons the cover with her this month!), I came across this FABULOUS tid bit:

FREE SHIPPING DAY, Thursday, December 17, 2009!

What is that, you ask? Well, merchants of all kind have committed to making December 17th a free shipping day, guaranteeing delivery of your item(s) by Christmas day. Check out the site here for participating merchants. And apparently, more merchants are being added by the day, in the hopes of a grand total of 500! How cool is that?

So for those who are using the world wide web to bring some holiday cheer to your loved ones, wait to shop on December 17th and score some free shipping. Why not? It's like free money!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Black Friday

17 days and counting...Do you know what's coming??


It's the day after Thanksgiving, the official opening day of holiday shopping. After Thanksgiving sales are famous for having the best discounts of the year, and shoppers camp out in front of stores to take advantage of the Black Friday sales. I admit, I have never actually "camped out," but I've been super tempted to take advantage of those 4am sales :)

I think it's a good practice to evaluate your shopping needs before you tackle the crowds. Black Friday is really good for big ticket items. For example, if you're in the market for a new TV- this is your chance! The sales for electronics are tremendous- some of the best of the year. So, it pays to check out the ads, plan your outing, and hit up Best Buy to grab the best deal you can. But if you're looking to get that new sweater you've been eying, it's probably easier to wait for another opportunity...the sales aren't significant enough to make the experience worth it.

UNLESS you're like my mom, sister and me- we just like to shop- so Black Friday doesn't scare us!

A few tips before you head out to spend the big bucks:
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes (easy to slip on and off if you brave the fitting rooms)
  • Bring a roomy bag where you can store snacks, a water bottle, and your coupons of course!
  • Have a plan for how you will shop: this is one of those days it behooves you to consolidate your trips, so plan your outing accordingly by parking where's convenient, but also hit the stores in "order" so that you don't waste time back tracking.
And if the black cat crosses your path that day, it's good luck :) It's Black Friday after all!