Sunday, December 18, 2016

Week 7: Baby, It's Cold Outside

First off, have you ever really listened to the lyrics of that song?? They are kind of scandalous :) Seriously, listen...makes for a good conversation to analyze. I's cold out, friends!  Looks like the better part of the US is dealing with some snow, sleet, rain and FREEZING temps.  Even my home state is feeling what the 20s are like (#brrrrrrr).  So, this week's final post before Christmas has to do with all things cozy and warm from one of my favorite retailers, Nordstrom. Is there anything better than free shipping and free returns 365 days a year?

I've never met a cowl neck I didn't love.
This burnt red is holiday-tastic.

Dreamers by Debut $27.90
Anything made by Barefoot Dreams is by definition cozy!
Knit Slouch Beanie $40
Ugg also reigns in the cozy world. I covet this set for winter traveling!
Note: I've even seen these at the Ugg outlets if you have one nearby.
Travel Set $88
Such easy slippers for the guy in your life. 4 great colors!
Deer Stags Nordic Slippers $21.90
Even the little ones need some cozy in their lives.
Like the snap design to keep them ON.
Fleece Booties $24
Here's to many warm, cozy and fun-filled days and nights together.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Week 6: Home for the Holidays

I am always intrigued by cooking stores like Williams-Sonoma (and Sur la Table too) and the people there.  Lots of gadgets and gizmos a plenty.  Every kind of pot, cutting board or utensil you could ever think of or want.  And at the holidays, I find all kinds of foot traffic in these stores.  If I could, I would pull up a seat in the corner with some popcorn and just watch all of the people and conversations being had over espresso machines and knife sets :) So here's my favorite finds this year from Williams-Sonoma, only because I, too, have perused the shelves with some gift giving in mind!

A friend clued me into these for kiddos!  Love the red.
Classic Apron, Kid 20% off now!
One word: DELICIOUS. Order them now.
Classic Croissants $31.96 (20% off!)
I swear by mini tools. They are clutch for every circumstance.
Silicone Mini Spatula & Spoonula $12.95
Excellent cutting boards that don't stain!
Epicurean Kitchen Series $11.95 - $34.95
Veggie brushes feel frivolous, but I use mine ALL the time.
Palm Veggie Brush $7.95
Happy hunting, friends!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Week 5: Sparkle and Shine

Christmas is inching up to us. I love walking the malls with holiday decor, festive music, and glitter and glam everywhere I look.  I was in Nordstrom recently and every single employee was decked out in holiday attire (I later came to understand it was their holiday party later that night!), but nonetheless, it made my shopping experience that much more fun.  Today's post (oops, a few days late) has everything to do with glitter and glam with one of my favorite jewelry retailers: Bauble Bar!  If you haven't purchased from them before, you'll come to discover their awesome gift wrap and packaging containing some super fun baubles.  AND, there's 25% off currently using code GIFT25.

Tassel earrings are all the rage. This gift set just wins!
Mini Gem Pinata Tassels $48
I never met a drop earring I didn't like. And this blue is stunning!
Fluoro Crispin Drops $48
I would wear these all winter long.
Deco Gum Drops $34
Love the organic design of this. Everyone needs a good gold cuff.
Tamayo Cuff $44
All things turquoise reign in my mind.  This one is so pretty (and a buried bauble currently!)
Galaxy Druzy Pendant $10!
Hope you find a few sparklers for yourself, too!