Saturday, November 14, 2015

Wet Weather Winners

I try not to think too much about the fact that winter is looming.  We have had such a lovely fall in New England, and inevitably that means the nasty, cold, and often wet weather is upon us.  So before I experience PTSD from all the darn shoveling I did last winter, I'd rather daydream of wearing some fun, waterproof slip-on shoes.  When I have to make a fast dash outside to grab the mail or get something from my car, I HATE having to stand at my doorway and lace up shoes or hassle with getting on my boots for those wet days.  Hence, the waterproof slip-on shoe...

LLBean has been making these forEVER. Kind of hard to even look further.
Bean Boots, Rubber Moc $89

I do enjoy shearling...and then in red patent! Precious
Ugg Haylie $125
 Sperry tries their hand at a version, too.
Duckling Rain Shoe $59.95
Keeping my feet warm and dry helps...even if that means I have to tackle the shoveling before too long again.  Sigh.  Back to daydreaming!