Sunday, March 31, 2013

Stately Pride

I was walking through Nordstrom a couple weeks ago waiting on my yummy sandwich to be made from the Bistro (only so I could have their fries and that kalamata olive dip, let's be honest) and made my way over to the accessories department.  Wanted to check out some trends, but also just see what was showing for spring.

It's no secret that I have great pride in my birthplace (Texas!) so when I see items that creatively allow me to do that- I am totally on board. Check out this adorable beauty!  Naturally, I am drawn to the Lone Star State...

I enjoy how the state is spelled out inside the shape.
 (I must say Rhode Island is fun).  
Rhode Island Silver $42
And while I can give a shout out to the Bay State, I will...
Massachusetts Silver $42
So while I didn't buy myself one, I did think it would make a great gift for the high school or college senior graduating...or maybe to that friend who is relocating...or maybe just for someone who loves her state as much as I do! 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Forward

I am still recovering from Daylight Saving time starting last week.  Seriously, it's only an hour and it feels like 3.  In any case, when I made the bi-annual tour of my house to change every clock I could find (which happens to be so many more than I realized), I also had to find my watch(es) and reset those. Since I was springing forward in time, I wondered if my watch(es) also represented this new season upon us.

*Side note, while everyone else celebrates the beginning of Spring tomorrow, those of us in Boston are still digging out from ANOTHER snow storm today.  I shall refrain from complaining further :)

Back to spring watches...
 How fun is this from Sprout?
Organic Cotton Strap $30
I adore Skagen for $ and quality!
Color Border w/ Leather Strap $95
Marc Jacobs always knows how to use color.
Henry Dinky Watch $150
Pretty sweet anchor detail!
Juicy Couture "Rich Girl" $195
And while we are on the topic of time, Easter is around the corner!
seems perfect...
Fossil Grant Ceramic $235
enjoy this time of everything fresh, new and lovely!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Solid Gold

I am growing to like gold.  I always was a silver girl, and maybe someday I'll upgrade to platinum, but for step at a time.  (pardon the pun)

I am loving the trend of gold block heels, where only the heel of a shoe (usually a blocked heel) is gold.  Have you seen these?  J.Crew seems to have led the way:

Janey Patent Flats $178

Janey Crystal Flat $398

Nine West plays along, too.  Really like the chain accent inside!
Quancy Ballet Flat $89
For a little sparkle in your life
Asos Lake Ballet Flat $29
Maybe Dorothy needed not only red heels, but also gold blocked ones to get home? :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Flatform Frenzy

I have a strong desire to like wearing heels.  I love the leg lengthening look, the sassy designs...but truth be told, I struggle with them.  At the end of the day, my feet end up screaming.  I simply don't love that, so I opt to wear wedges or flats.  (is my age showing already?)

Which brings me to delight in this spring's combination of these two fabulous inventions: the platform flat- or flatform as the fashion world so aptly names them!  Check out these great styles!

Pretty rockstar
Christian Louboutin $695
Sassy Straps
ASOS Valley Flatforms $59.34
Classic and Perfect Red
Free People Daphne $128
I like the idea of some added height without the painful arch ache, so I say, bring on the flatform and maybe some warmer weather while I am wishing...

By the way, a special thanks to all my readers...I recently reached 15,000 hits on my blog!  Perhaps small change for the big time bloggers, but I am proud, excited and humbled by so many reading and enjoying- so thank YOU!