Friday, April 30, 2010

For Garden Lovers

Since Mother's Day is coming up, and my mom is HUGE gardener (her backyard increases their property value exponentially!), I knew this little discovery would bring me some great gifts ideas!

Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters (same company) launched a new retail concept that focuses on gardening pieces, furniture and wellness items (for the bath and body) called...Terrain is just as lovely you would expect an Anthro line to be, and it has a refreshingly "relaxing" tone- just browsing the site makes me feel like I am breathing deeper. I especially love the quirky plant stands like this one...Or the intricate floral vases like this one...Every little detail is lovely, and for anyone you may know who loves their garden or can appreciate natural beauty, this little site is an absolute treasure. Maybe you'll turn into a garden lover too :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Time to Tone

Sometimes it takes me a while to "buy into" fads. I like to see if they wear off or sustain before I really decide to spend money on something that could potentially be a bust.

Let's take the skinny jean, for example.
I didn't wear this trend right away, seeing as I had my doubts about whether enough "normal" people could wear these without looking like fools. And sure enough, the skinny jean won.
Fads = 1, Maria = 0

Or there's the 80s comeback: slouchy fabrics (ladies, remember Units??), neon colors, and leg warmers. Seriously, it was enough in the 80s, and shouldn't be relived.
Fads = 1, Maria = 1

And now that we're tied, I'm faced with another: The Reebok EasyTone athletic shoe.I saw at the holidays there was a big push for these little trendsetters. $100 shoes is always an interesting sell, but the real piece of intrigue for consumers:
  • "Get a better butt and better legs with every step. With EasyTone Inspire, you can get firmer thanks to our patented sole technology, which emulates walking on sand. EasyTone technology improves muscle tone in the hamstrings, calves and glutes up to 28%"
Honestly, need I say more? I recently purchased a pair, and let me tell you, the Fad won AGAIN, up 2-1. They are even making a new "TrainTone and RunTone" shoe for basic training or running. So savvy. I'll tie things up before too long...meanwhile, time to tone!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Saving the Planet, One Day at a Time

The 40th anniversary of Earth Day is Thursday, April 22nd.

And while I don't identify myself as a "tree hugging" child of the 70s, I do have a strong appreciation for all things organic, recyclable, and reusable. It not only feels good to be conscious of how I consume and the ways I dispose of what I consume, but I know in the end, it's my little part of helping Mother Earth.
And let's face it, She could use all the help She could get these days!

So, in recognition of a day where life should be preserved and respected, here's a few things you could do or think about as we approach April 22...
  • Check out DisneyNature's new movie "Oceans" released on Earth Day (it looks beautiful!)
  • There's no excuse: Use reusable bags at the grocery store. I even bring them along with me when I shop at the mall since EVERY store uses their own separate bags. If you need to buy more durable ones, I really enjoy this site for many reusable products.
  • Organic clothing can be lovely and responsible. There's a growing trend of organic baby's clothing, too (hello, moms and dads!) I have enjoyed products from Ginger and Lime: a great eco-friendly site that boasts not just clothing, but bedding and other great products too.
  • If you're more action oriented, sign the Earth Day 2010 Climate Declaration. Maybe you're interested, as I am, in motivating Congress.
  • For my DC readers, perhaps you want to attend the Climate Rally on the National Mall, Sunday, April 25th. This could be your way of demonstrating your commitment to change.
  • Check out more information about Earth Day and all of the ways you can pitch in!
I think it's time for people to pay attention to how we consume and ways to reduce waste. So, pitch in. Do your part. And find a way to say "THANKS!" to our Mother Earth this year.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Here comes Peter Cottontail

Happy Easter! In the spirit of all things soft, white and fluffy, I came across a pretty fun accent to the Easter dining table this weekend...the bunny fold napkin.

After perusing the latest Martha Stewart Living, I saw this very cute napkin fold. Allow me to say, three women in my house, all with college degrees, could not understand Martha's directions on HOW to fold this little wonder. But after using that handy tool called "Google," Good Housekeeping had MUCH easier diagrams and directions to follow. A little tip for those who are interested: use the thinnest linen napkins you own. And you will want to starch them well so the folding and creases are easier to manage.

We will be using our specialty napkins today as we celebrate our Easter lunch together as a family, including mr. bunny :)