Sunday, April 4, 2010

Here comes Peter Cottontail

Happy Easter! In the spirit of all things soft, white and fluffy, I came across a pretty fun accent to the Easter dining table this weekend...the bunny fold napkin.

After perusing the latest Martha Stewart Living, I saw this very cute napkin fold. Allow me to say, three women in my house, all with college degrees, could not understand Martha's directions on HOW to fold this little wonder. But after using that handy tool called "Google," Good Housekeeping had MUCH easier diagrams and directions to follow. A little tip for those who are interested: use the thinnest linen napkins you own. And you will want to starch them well so the folding and creases are easier to manage.

We will be using our specialty napkins today as we celebrate our Easter lunch together as a family, including mr. bunny :)

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