Thursday, June 9, 2016

Snazzy Sneakers

Happy June, friends.  I have been swamped with an assortment activities at work and my blogging really took a step back (sorry about that!), but rest assured there have been lots of ideas swimming in my mind for posts!  I do love and enjoy summer so much in New England.  And while the weather (everywhere lately) has been a little wacky, I am working hard to get my summer wardrobe in place, including shoes.  I've often talked about the challenge of shoe shopping for me (just don't have a standard size foot!), so I usually don't love the process.  But I have been committed to trying lots of different styles and brands, in the hope to find some good staples to keep around.

This summer, I am embracing the white sneaker.  I have seen so many fun posts on Instagram and in the stores of the summer dress coupled with a cute white sneaker.  So I decided I'm going for it!

Am I too old to wear Converse again? Nah. 
Low Top Chuck Taylor $49.50
  The Italians know what they are doing with shoes.
Superga Cotu Sneaker $64.95
Love the navy accent stripe!
Mossimo Layla $12.74 (on sale!)
Such a clean, simple look.  Love.
Mossimo Lenia $14.99 (on sale!)
Super excited to try a pair soon with this dress!  Happy hunting!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Tapered Tee

My white t-shirt inventory is quite large.  I struggle to give them away because (as you may know) they are hard to find!  Usually a rip, tear or stain is what drives me to purge, but it's a hard process of letting go.  Recently, I went through my stash and let go of some favorites, which has left me with a vacancy I am painfully feeling in my wardrobe.  Until NOW!  I discovered on Instagram a lovely designer in Fall River, MA (hellloooo local and made in USA!) who makes tapered tees.  Sounds simple enough- and while $48 seemed really steep at the time- I wanted to both support a local designer while also secretly hope for a fabulous find. Guess who made out in the deal?!

Tapered Tee from Tapered Collection 
Tapered Collection, $48
It's tough to sell the value of a top like this- but here goes:  super softest supima cotton ever (it even smelled really nice upon arrival- fabric softener maybe?), lovely thick fabric (not see through), and the shape was so flattering.  It's more fitted around the waist (which I was looking for) and it complements my frame with the dolman cap sleeve.  It comes in 5 different colors, so I may just indulge in a second! I get this may not appeal to everyone, but I honestly wonder where this tee has been all my life? 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sucker for Seersucker

I may be a little obsessed with seersucker.  That slightly puckered and flat stripe makes my heart sing!  In fact, I have (probably from 2004 or 2005?) a seersucker skirt suit from Isaac Mizrahi for Target that I STILL love (and fit in, thank God).  Now the season is upon us for men to whip out their seersucker pants, shorts and suits (I bet even Duchess Kate has one for little Prince George), we ladies can join the party with so many varied pieces in this fabulous fabric.  Which one is your favorite??

Adore the faux two piece dress.
Banana Republic on sale $108.00
Sailor buttons ON TOP of seersucker.  Perfect!
Loft $49.50
Classic pencil skirt.  A must have.
JCrew Factory $54.50
The blazer completes the look.
Talbots $179.00
Come ON- aren't you just obsessed now, too??

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tassel Me Happy

It's been a slow spring start in Boston, but Marathon Monday really kicked good weather in gear for us! While the mornings are still cool, the days are finally warming up and my toes (and white pale legs!) can begin to remember what it's like to see daylight again.  I did a huge purge of summer shoes over the winter...these are ripped, those are uncomfortable, these give me get the idea.  And for a woman in her late 30s, I own way too many flip flops.  Seriously, I can't wear those to work!  So, I've been on a bit of a shoe shopping extravaganza.  (Did I mention I don't really love shoe shopping- I have a wide foot and my size can vary a great deal.) 

Here's my latest obsession: tassels on my shoes!  Fun fringe that makes it feel playful and yet at the same time classic.  Really excited about wearing a few of these beauties this season.

I've been on a JCrew kick lately.
$168 but 30% off right now!
Tell me these aren't just as cute for a lot less!
Mossimo for Target $24.99
Love me a good navy wedge.
Boden $138
Mini wedge and tassels = comfort!
Mossimo for Target (buy 1 get 1 50% off now)
Hope your toes get some sunshine, too!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Scallops for Spring

This New England weather really has spoiled spring actually coming soon?  (crossing all fingers and toes!)  It's been a fabulous weekend filled with sunshine and cool breeze, and I've been inspired by the scallop trend- feels like I've seen it everywhere!  Such a cute detail to many spring pieces that make them feel fresh and yet classic.  Some of these beauties will make their way into my closet soon :)

These shorts!
JCrew Factory $29.50
If I wore a two-piece, I'd pick this one :)
Old Navy $24.94 & $22.94
Gingham & Scallops...LOVE!
Kiel James Patrick $98
Excited to see where else scallops show up!