Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sperry-ed Away!

The good thing about shoes: they always fit. So when I feel annoyed because I'm between sizes or some clothes feel better than others, I tend to hit the shoe stores to reignite my happiness factor while shopping.

Upon a friendly recommendation, I hit up a local West Newton shoe store called "The Barn Family Shoe Store"- which honestly, I had low expectations about what I would find inside. True to its name, it houses a ton of different makers and styles. That particular day, I was on the hunt for some new Reef flip flops (which I did happily find the BEST selection here). But the best part was discovering some other fun styles that would complete the shopping experience.

I love when shoes make a come-back. As early as the 1930's, we saw the Sperry top-sider make its way into the homes of men across the US. I remember these being super popular in the mid-80s, and now, it's as if everyone under the age of 21 owns them again.

Well, since the college kids keep me on my toes (pardon the pun), I stopped to peruse the Sperry's at The Barn. I came across a pair that not only is as traditional as the very first style, but also adds a splash of fun....definitely my style. I have written many a time about the metallic shoe and it's neutrality, but this takes the cake. No doubt these little puppies made their way into my collection. Welcome shiny Sperry! (and did I mention The Barn sold them for nearly $15 less!) Done.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Suit Up for that Summer Wedding!

I attended one of the loveliest weddings I've had the good fortune to attend last weekend- Congrats to S & P! They celebrated their marriage on Cape Cod (Hyannis and Sandwich, MA), which just BEGGED for a blog on wedding attire.

Let me start by saying, the guests at this wedding did it right.

The fellas in seersucker suits and bowties (including the little ones!)
The gals in hats and summer colors everywhere (really terrific jewelry and wraps, too)

It was apparent the guests realized they were going to a wedding on the Cape, so they TOTALLY dressed the part. I saw the Vineyard Vines ties making their debuts, as well as seersucker in every shape and fashion...dresses, suits, ties, even shoes. The fashionista in me was in heaven!

Vineyard Vines at their best!

So, when you choose to suit up for that summer wedding, think about the vision...whether on the Cape, the beach, Vegas, wherever...use the opportunity to play into the atmosphere and have fun! I loved that the guests capitalized the chance to wear traditional New England summer gear, especially as we dined on a clambake- Quintessential perfection!

And for those of us blessed enough to witness the marriage of our two dear friends, S & P, it was nothing short of a fabulous weekend all around. :)