Friday, October 29, 2010

Real Simple is Right On

My daily thought today from Real Simple...SO perfect!

“Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.”

Edna Woolman Chase and Ilka Chase

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Seeing Red

It's no secret I love Target.

I love everything about it.
The Merona Collection is a fan favorite.
My location now has groceries (which are cheaper).
The athletic and comfort wear is reasonably priced and fits well.
There are endless upscale designers (like Isaac Mizrahi- sniff, sniff, I miss him) who create specialty lines for the store.
I can get $.05 off when I bring my own reusable bags to shop.

The Target credit card (or debit card) gives you 5% off EVERY TIME YOU SHOP. Why in the world wouldn't I get this card? I literally go there once a week (ok, sometimes twice)- and saving automatically seems like a no brainer.

I do love that you have two options for a card:
  1. A Target Debit Card can only be used at Target stores. It draws right from your existing checking account, just like writing a check. Remember, you'll always enjoy 5%* off, plus more benefits.
  2. A Target Credit Card can only be used at and Target stores. Don't forget, you'll enjoy 5%* savings and tons of other benefits.
And now, seeing Red doesn't seem quite so bad :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Tame the Inner Animal

It's no big shocker that you're noticing animal prints EVERYWHERE in fashion. Belts. Shoes. Purses. Scarves. Wraps. Dresses. Vests. You name it, the animal print is out there.

I have always liked the idea of it, within reason. I bought my sister a very cute giraffe (brown and white) printed tote bag monogrammed with her initial last year from Lands' End. I stole from her an amazing pair of Ellen Tracy flats with leopard print and black beaded toe, which resulted in me purchasing her a replacement pair. My "go to" Target had a perfect leopard print wedge which she delightfully took for a swap.

My beloved St. John is also making a fortune on the leopard print ensemble. Here's a couple of my favorite pieces from the collection: I dig the vest as a signature piece, and check out the subtlety of the leopard bling on the back jean pockets! So chic!

I am also a bit fascinated by animal print making more of a statement in purses and wallets, too. There's something strangely powerful about carrying an animal print handbag, or better yet a's like the inner animal is waiting to be released into the wild world of consumerism :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Slimfast Hangers!

A few weeks ago, my mom and sister were visiting me in Boston, and we came across those ultra-slim space saver hangers you see everywhere. We talked about how we've always wanted to change out our hangers so that the clothes in our closet hang uniform, not to mention (for us Type A personalities) it looks fantastic....clean, precise, perfect.

The Christmas Tree Shops (which has recently opened in Dallas, my Texas friends- just past the Galleria, in a shopping center next to Bed Bath and Beyond) is the best mix of "the Dollar Store, Bed Bath and Beyond and Big Lots" according to my sister. And she's right- for anyone in New England who has been shopping at the CTS for years, you know this as the perfect place to get random things for crazy cheap.

Hence, the ultra slim hanger find. They come in packs of 10 for $4.99. I have yet to see them priced cheaper anywhere else- and let me tell you, I bought 11 packages (yes, that means I currently am hanging 110 pieces of clothing...yikes that's a lot) and they are PERFECT for my compact little New England closets!

Here's a pic of the after shot (I recognize I should have a before pic, but honestly, take a look at your closet- you know what it looks like...)

Now all I have to do is color coordinate my closet. That's for the next holiday weekend.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Sweat Cutely

I recently have made a new commitment to getting in shape. Honestly, it's just time. After a really crazy summer, that flab above the waistline has gotten a bit OOC. (out of control for those who don't know me well). In any case, for a girl like me who loves fashion, I wanted to make sure I looked cute while sweating away the lbs :)

I laughed a bit when I heard that Stella McCartney (daughter of Paul McCartney) was now making designer athletic wear with Addidas. Honestly, if I am going to sweat and possibly stain clothing (let's face it, sweat stains), I'm not interested in investing lots of $$ in a piece. But in my recent perusal of her designs at Nordstrom, I fell in love with a few items:

Since we know ruffle is the hit detail of the season, who could resist this piece...

Or how great is this quilted bag? (I'm a sucker for a good bag...they never are a problem when you put on weight!)
And then...there was Zella, the Nordstrom product for athletic women's wear. How PERFECT is this coat? And seriously, who would wear this to exercise?

But I digress...the truth of the matter is, I'd never really wear anything this adorable to sweat in, but for my "sporty weekend" look, ABSOLUTELY. That makes me want to jump for joy like my girl in the top image!