Monday, October 11, 2010

Slimfast Hangers!

A few weeks ago, my mom and sister were visiting me in Boston, and we came across those ultra-slim space saver hangers you see everywhere. We talked about how we've always wanted to change out our hangers so that the clothes in our closet hang uniform, not to mention (for us Type A personalities) it looks fantastic....clean, precise, perfect.

The Christmas Tree Shops (which has recently opened in Dallas, my Texas friends- just past the Galleria, in a shopping center next to Bed Bath and Beyond) is the best mix of "the Dollar Store, Bed Bath and Beyond and Big Lots" according to my sister. And she's right- for anyone in New England who has been shopping at the CTS for years, you know this as the perfect place to get random things for crazy cheap.

Hence, the ultra slim hanger find. They come in packs of 10 for $4.99. I have yet to see them priced cheaper anywhere else- and let me tell you, I bought 11 packages (yes, that means I currently am hanging 110 pieces of clothing...yikes that's a lot) and they are PERFECT for my compact little New England closets!

Here's a pic of the after shot (I recognize I should have a before pic, but honestly, take a look at your closet- you know what it looks like...)

Now all I have to do is color coordinate my closet. That's for the next holiday weekend.

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