Sunday, October 23, 2011

Design Sponge

Ironically, when growing up, I wasn't the creative, artsy one. I have several friends who were way more deserving of that title...they studied art in college, had a hand in printmaking, jewelry or painting, even sold some of their pieces. That definitely surpassed me.

I think I started to embrace my creativity as I got older- maybe looked at it differently since I wasn't the standard artistic person, but I knew that I loved design, clothing and all things color related! So, when my dear friend K shared this GREAT website with me, all the artistic, creative juices in me have really started to flow. Design Sponge is amazing!

Here's a sampling of my favorites...

My mom (a seamstress and lover of all things in the sewing world) would love knowing that I actually paused for a few moments and considered embroidery after seeing this little gem. It's a tea towel calendar, with the "2012" stenciled in for an easy to follow pattern- love it!

K and I swooned over this couch reupholster project- I want a yellow couch now too! Although my cute little condo could never fit this beauty. Hope you enjoy the design world :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Great White Shirt 2

Many moons ago, I wrote on laundering best white t-shirt and since then, I have also discovered the best white button-down for ladies.

I've been on the hunt for a new white button down for over a year. I wanted several specific things: thickness (hate when it's too thin and you can see everything underneath), softness (clearly cotton, but want it to feel like you have owned it for years), no-iron (b/c honestly, I hate to do it), and appropriate pleating (so it actually fits me, rather than bags out).

Perhaps too ambitious? I was beginning to think so, until Banana Republic released a line of no-iron blouses that are PERFECT! I went in, tried it on, and it was as if the heavens opened up at last.

If you happened to receive the Wednesday coupon deals at BR for the month of October, you have the option to shop for one full price item at 40% off. So, now that $59.50 is down to $35.70. And just like that, the search is over.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Who's Next for Target?

Remember Michelle Obama's inauguration dress?

Remember the designer?

Remember how Target partners with famous designers?

Jason Wu...welcome to Target on February 5th!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

13 Pieces, 31 Days of Style!

Do you read LUCKY magazine? If not, you missed a really terrific insert in the October issue that paired up with Banana Republic.

Somewhat reminiscent of my last post on Project 333, Banana Republic has created their own twist: they show you 13 key pieces (naturally from this Fall's collection) that you can wear 31 different ways! I was thrilled when I discovered that my own closet already contained more than half of the suggestions above, which positions me well for this little experiment.

This isn't a particularly novel idea, but I do like how manufacturers are thinking about the consumer. I mean, we can't all purchase 13 new pieces of clothing at once. I added it up: their total wardrobe for all 13 pieces totals $1332.50. But here's the reality: They are banking that you probably have 4-5 of their suggestions, and then will maybe purchase 2-3 more to complete the look. Still money in the bank for Banana. And you (and me) will be able to create 5-10 new outfits with those few additional pieces.

So, I'm gonna try it. This will be good practice for my 33 items for 3 months challenge when the cold weather sticks.

Stay tuned...