Sunday, October 23, 2011

Design Sponge

Ironically, when growing up, I wasn't the creative, artsy one. I have several friends who were way more deserving of that title...they studied art in college, had a hand in printmaking, jewelry or painting, even sold some of their pieces. That definitely surpassed me.

I think I started to embrace my creativity as I got older- maybe looked at it differently since I wasn't the standard artistic person, but I knew that I loved design, clothing and all things color related! So, when my dear friend K shared this GREAT website with me, all the artistic, creative juices in me have really started to flow. Design Sponge is amazing!

Here's a sampling of my favorites...

My mom (a seamstress and lover of all things in the sewing world) would love knowing that I actually paused for a few moments and considered embroidery after seeing this little gem. It's a tea towel calendar, with the "2012" stenciled in for an easy to follow pattern- love it!

K and I swooned over this couch reupholster project- I want a yellow couch now too! Although my cute little condo could never fit this beauty. Hope you enjoy the design world :)

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  1. oh i love this sofa! i love curvy furniture. great post :)