Sunday, October 2, 2011

13 Pieces, 31 Days of Style!

Do you read LUCKY magazine? If not, you missed a really terrific insert in the October issue that paired up with Banana Republic.

Somewhat reminiscent of my last post on Project 333, Banana Republic has created their own twist: they show you 13 key pieces (naturally from this Fall's collection) that you can wear 31 different ways! I was thrilled when I discovered that my own closet already contained more than half of the suggestions above, which positions me well for this little experiment.

This isn't a particularly novel idea, but I do like how manufacturers are thinking about the consumer. I mean, we can't all purchase 13 new pieces of clothing at once. I added it up: their total wardrobe for all 13 pieces totals $1332.50. But here's the reality: They are banking that you probably have 4-5 of their suggestions, and then will maybe purchase 2-3 more to complete the look. Still money in the bank for Banana. And you (and me) will be able to create 5-10 new outfits with those few additional pieces.

So, I'm gonna try it. This will be good practice for my 33 items for 3 months challenge when the cold weather sticks.

Stay tuned...


  1. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea. I often buy separate pieces (because that's what I can afford and that's what I often have time for "Quick, go in and try something on while Bri is w/ the kiddos! Ok that works. Let's do it." And having a PLAN or map of ideas like this is awesome. I have really really got to clean out my closet. AND if I get this GU gig then I'll have to figure out some new clothes -- even tho my mom and i just went shopping. I so don't know how to shop!

    1. I was hoping they would repeat it with their Spring line.. NOT TO LATE,,,Banana!!