Monday, January 23, 2012

Stately Love

When I get a little homesick for Texas, I often find myself scouring the internet for fun items to remind me of my home state. And since the state of Texas is super easy to identify and use in various craft items, I rarely struggle to find little treasures to satisfy my need!

Two sweet items I stumbled upon this week (and since I know I have readers who are not loyal Texans, I should note there are other state options!):

Since new little ones are born everyday (and my dear friend, R just had a new son!), I have been looking a toys and such for the kiddos. How great is this teething ring??

Then of course, I am obsessed with this cutting board! The best part, you can request them to engrave a small heart or star at the location of the city of your choice. Love me some Dallas!

Oh you creative artistic people on Etsy, you make my heart smile :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cooking Cutely

I recognize my cooking skills are average. I wish I could infuse my creativity with fashion into the kitchen, but hey- we all have our limitations. SO, while I make take a stab at a new recipe in REAL SIMPLE or a friend's cookbook (fully loaded with helpful pictures), I think I should be able to look cute while doing it.

I came across IceMilk Aprons while perusing the latest O magazine (January 2012 issue), only to discover that they really look like a dress, fully adorned with a bow! She has even launched a new children's line, so that you and your favorite little helper can look the part, too. And I really loved her story- building a connection and a business with her grandmother- over a mutual history with ice milk (ice cream with milk rather than cream) and hours of kitchen time. Women who manifest their passions inspire me...Cheers to making a business with meaning, Ashley Schoenith!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Super Scarf Tying!

I can't take credit for this one...was shared by one of my favorite fashion news e-letters Dressing Well but I loved all the ideas for scarf tying! Check out the YouTube video to learn how.

My favorites: The Waterfall, The Magic Trick, the Fake Knot, the Braid, the Twist and Pull, and the Decoration! Can't wait to try all of them out. Happy tying :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cutting Edge Calendars

New Year. New Resolutions. New New New.

All this newness means it's time for a new calendar! And I admit that I am a bit particular (surprised?) about the calendars I buy...mostly b/c I want them also to be artistic. A simple desk calendar from Staples just doesn't suit me!

For the past few years, I have loved using Snow & Graham's calendar (always a classic, and very tasteful). I often dream of different ways I could use the whimsical prints once the month is over (still haven't come up with any good ideas)- but each month, I have turned the page with delight.

This year, I opted for a little change (that's the name of the game afterall)...a lovely little watercolor number from Linda and Harriett, featured in a few hotspots that I shop. While I had to order online and now patiently await its arrival, I know it will be fresh and different for my year of marking time.

My other old standby is from the Paper Source, where I have framed a year of the desk calendar monthly cards. I love the letterpress designs, and not to mention it gives another piece of art to my walls.

From my casa

Happy 2012, my friends.