Sunday, February 24, 2013


My love for all things Kate Spade is deep and long standing.  Maybe someday I'll get to meet her...

I am pretty excited about her new line launching in March called "Saturday"- why, you ask?  Because like most people, there is a deep and long standing love affair with the first day of the weekend!  It means no work (for most people), no alarm clock (unless you have kiddos), no crazy schedule (*notice how there are exceptions to every rule??).  Saturday is SUPPOSED to be the day off we all long for.

And now, Kate Spade is dressing us for it at a less expensive price point too! (Let's be clear, it's not Target prices, but definitely more affordable casual wear.)  The fresh use of color and easy "grab and go" style will be so appealing.

So here's to better Saturdays and dressing well for the weekend!  So pumped!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Freshly JCP

The discovery of Joe Fresh in December during my NYC trip changed my life. OK, perhaps a bit dramatic, but I can't say enough about it.  I literally thank the fashion gods for the blue puffer coat I got for $29 (it's already been a long, harsh winter!)  Since then, I have been planning my next trip to the Big Apple just to hit the flagship store again.  And then, as if the universe were listening to my heart's deepest desire, Joe Fresh partners with jcpenny...Sweet mother of fashion, bring it on!

Hitting the world of online sales next Sunday, February 24th, Joe Fresh debuts at jcpenny (which, to be honest, could use a breath of fresh air...pardon the pun).  I can't wait!

So, while only select stores will carry the line, I am happy to know the online shop will save me a trip.  Did you know that Joe Fresh got its name from the fact that the clothing line used to be sold in Canadian grocery stores??  I can't imagine how that worked...grabbing some bananas, and oh wait...just the dress I was looking for! Funny image and thrilled that Joe Mimran has decided to make his brand more accessible.  Countdown to 2.24.13!