Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Freshly Fabulous

The time just passes so quickly at this time of year! Thanksgiving came and went like the wind (but what a delightful day), and I just spent the most fabulous week in NYC getting in the holiday spirit with my mom and sister.  Clearly I was in shopping heaven...
Me and Marc Jacobs...

The Marimekko store- SUCH fun
Mackenzie-Childs store left me in awe!
So while we were exploring the streets of Manhattan, my mom, sister and I discovered Joe Fresh- know it??  It's a Canadian company that landed in NY and NJ with some pretty terrific staples.  I happened upon the one on 42nd avenue (2 floors!) and scored the best puffer jacket for $30 (in store sale), adorable holiday tops for $14, and my sister found the BEST chevron gloves for $9!  It's a mix of J.Crew and Gap with a little more contemporary clean feel- and cheaper :)

People, if this store were in Boston, I'd be all over it. Here's my coat
You should be jealous!
I seriously would go back to NYC for SO many reasons, and Joe Fresh is definitely in my top 5!

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  1. and next time you'll let me know you're in town!! :)