Monday, November 19, 2012

Being Grateful

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Several years ago, a dear co-worker of mine gifted me with this book.  At the time, I thought it was a not so subtle way of calling me out (I can be a complainer from time to time), but truthfully, I think she was just trying to remind me that in spite of my perceived problems, I really have it pretty good. And practicing gratefulness is like a part time job (one that you love, that is)- you have to create time and awareness for it.  Especially amidst the muck of life.

So, while I wish I had some adorable trinket or accessory that would complement this book, I'm offering this text to you, my readers.  Pick it up- read a section from time to time- and practice some gratitude in a world where we flippantly say thank you, or sometimes not at all.

Since I can't resist featuring ONE product- this is a staple in my home come Thanksgiving!
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Happy Thanksgiving all, may your homes be full of gratitude!

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