Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ooo La La Ombre

It's been a crazy few weeks in Boston.  Marathon, bombings, "stay in place" orders, manhunts.  It's been heavy and hard for many of us, and I want to take just one moment to acknowledge something bigger and deeper than my blog post on shopping. 

But we Bostonians carry on, and my shopping kicked into gear when I was stressed and anxious!
So, I may be late to the game on this one too, but I really do like the look of ombre. It's showing up (intentionally this time) in hair color, clothing and accessories with a fresh from the design studio feel.  Some people call it "dip dyed"- but that gives me flashbacks to the 80s when my friends and I would tie-dye our t-shirts to look ultra cool.  But ombre sounds chic, elegant and playful!  I am loving the trend in clothes and accessories.  Here's a few of my new recent favs:

I can't get enough of this canvas tote.

JCP steals the show for $20!

Red Envelope wanted to get in the game too.
Dip Dye Canvas tote $80
Michael Stars rocks this sweater.
Pine Straw in Wellesley sells the blue one! $138
I am not a huge J.Jill fan, but this is cute.
Dip Dyed Kimono Sweater $80
The fresh feel of ombre makes me want to load up my car, roll down the windows, and sing "free fallin" (Jerry Maguire anyone?)- it's clearly springtime finally here in Boston.  I hope ombre sticks around long enough for me to soak up all the fun!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Orla Kiely + Target

I was changing over my handbags recently (yes, I have enough that I use them seasonally), and one of my favorites was rediscovered by Orla Kiely.  I love her playful designs and patters that just scream spring and fun!

I've had this for years and still LOVE it!
I kind of covet this one, but I digress....
Jeanie Bag in Square Flower Print $177.00

You can imagine my delight as I was making my weekly Sunday am Target run and I saw that they partnered up with Orla to make their trademark Method soaps!  (I am behind the 8 ball on this one- apparently, this partnership made its debut in the Fall 2012...oops)  I happened upon them (on sale this week even) and I scored the white nectarine scent, which displayed a great orange-red pattern.  I may just reuse the bottle b/c it's so cute.  See if your local Target has any left for you to enjoy!

Pear Ginger $2.99
Vanilla Chai $2.99
And while I can, I will enjoy my Orla Kiely and hope Target will bring her back for more!