Friday, October 31, 2014

Gladiators Unite!

Are you a Gladiator?  Perhaps that once conjured up thoughts of Russell Crow and his rockin' body in the movies, but's all about Olivia Pope!  I am hooked on the show Scandal and was equally as in love with The Limited's The Scandal Collection.  Have you seen it? 

Some stellar pieces that scream Olivia and also make me want to go kick some ass in Washington, wear a white hat, and have a love affair with Scott Foley (I will always have a soft spot for him!).  What's your favorite piece?

Drape Collar Wrap Coat $248
 Amazing windowpane check!
Check Trench Coat $248

Classic Olivia peplum jacket
Check Peplum Jacket $168

God I love this show!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Save the Boots!

This week in New England, we are feeling winter inch its way here. (ugh) Isn't it too early for frost on our cars??  Well, while winter is inevitable, at least I get to wear my boots again :)  In full disclosure, long sleeve dresses, opaque tights and boots are my go-to outfits these next (several) months.  So, to prepare, I pulled out a few pairs, only to find at the end of last winter, I did a poor job cleaning them off before putting them away.  Two words: salt stains.  ARGH!  How happy was I that I found these little treats (thanks, O magazine!) to clean them right up!  They really do work on all fabrics- leather and suede even!- and I breathed a sigh of relief.

My boots were saved! Hooray!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Tortoise and the Hair

Tortoise is everywhere this fall.  I'm seeing it in all the likely, hair accessories, shoes.  But it's the unexpected places that are making it very fun, too!  I happen to really love the combination of tortoise and turquoise- the colors just look fabulous together and somehow make me think of my southwestern roots. I also am loving olive green/gold/tortoise combos. Take a gander at these beauties and see what you can add to your collection this year:

Love this perfect statement necklace
Bauble Bar $46.00
The gold accent is just classy
JCrew $14.00
 The bee is such a whimsy detail!
Target $19.99
Coveting these beauties!
RayBan $180.00
Pretty updo on this gal
Nordstrom $18.00
I also think redheads, brunettes and blondes alike can sport tortoise.  It has a warm, cozy feel that oozes fall and invites images of prep school :)  Happy tortoise hunting!