Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Brown Pump Hunt

Go ahead, shake your head. I know you're thinking, "Really, brown heels? What's so special about that?" But honestly, let me break it down for you. I have spent 5, count them, 5 years trying to find a good chocolate brown heel, comfortable, not too high, and didn't cost $600.

I own a pair of Sam & Libby (who even buys their shoes anymore?) chocolate brown heels. I love them. I have had them resoled twice. And finally, the inside of the shoe is falling apart. I can no longer expect them to stay alive.

Enter Cole Haan. I know they have good shoes (they partnered up with Nike Air to infuse the comfort technology in their heels AND they place a hidden platform for added comfort and ease on your arch)- and I'm sure I've owned a pair or two from TJ Maxx. But I think of them as pricey (which they can be). But let me review, it is REALLY hard to find chocolate brown. So I bit the bullet, went to the store, tried on this pair. And life can return to normal now. The Brown Pump Hunt is ovah.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Quilt the Memories

I bet you have them too.
Piles of t-shirts from high school, college, trips, etc. And I bet you wear none of them anymore.
That was my story, and I just couldn't bring myself to part with some t-shirts that reminded me of some REALLY special, formative, fun times.

This year, for my birthday, mom put it all together in a great present...a t-shirt quilt! Definitely seen these before, and never really knew if I'd like it, but the final product was so great. And I can now keep the memories alive a bit longer. From my days at Loyola to here in Boston, it's a great way to remember the days...I only wish I had hung onto those "smack mac" t-shirts!

And I know you're surprised to know I am a sorority girl :) Love me some AXO's!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Partnering with "Put A Ruffle On It "

Thanks to my friend, Mary, for featuring me on her blog this week! She has a terrific blog which covers life's little details that make it all worth living and enjoying, so I am thrilled to be partnering with her. Read on my friends, and hope that you remember to add a little ruffle to life today!

Friday, March 2, 2012


I don't often wish for children (not yet anyway), but when I saw the new collaboration between fashion icon, Diane Von Furstenberg and the Gap, there was a definite tug at my heart to dress some little honey!

For those of you who aren't as infatuated with her as I am, DVF invented and mastered a woman's wardrobe staple...the wrap dress. And if you know me, I must own 10 wrap dresses (no DVF yet though, kids- gotta work toward something!). They have an amazing ability to create curve and sexiness- but yet are conservative and classic. I will forever love her for this.

Years ago, my dear friend, J clued me into this GREAT story of a woman who wore her black DVF wrap dress everyday for a month, and she blogs about the versatility of such a classic piece of clothing. I covet the dress and her story.

So, this leads me to her newest partnership- with GapKids and Baby Gap (sadly for adult women like me) which will be released on March 15th. Here's a preview of the ADORABLE styles she's making for the little ones!

Such a great shift dress, $48

The iconic wrap dress! $68

Bathing Suit beauty! $48

The wrap top- I want one! $78
Need I say more? I'm in love.