Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Brown Pump Hunt

Go ahead, shake your head. I know you're thinking, "Really, brown heels? What's so special about that?" But honestly, let me break it down for you. I have spent 5, count them, 5 years trying to find a good chocolate brown heel, comfortable, not too high, and didn't cost $600.

I own a pair of Sam & Libby (who even buys their shoes anymore?) chocolate brown heels. I love them. I have had them resoled twice. And finally, the inside of the shoe is falling apart. I can no longer expect them to stay alive.

Enter Cole Haan. I know they have good shoes (they partnered up with Nike Air to infuse the comfort technology in their heels AND they place a hidden platform for added comfort and ease on your arch)- and I'm sure I've owned a pair or two from TJ Maxx. But I think of them as pricey (which they can be). But let me review, it is REALLY hard to find chocolate brown. So I bit the bullet, went to the store, tried on this pair. And life can return to normal now. The Brown Pump Hunt is ovah.

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  1. bring on the accent you Boston transplant ;)