Friday, April 6, 2012


My how things come full circle.

When I was a kiddo in the 80s, the Banana Republic I knew was all about safari wear, casual cottons, lots of khaki and army green, and every opportunity to play on the word "republic"...flash forward to 2012, and BR, Gap's "high end" line, is going halfway back to its roots with their safari style line.

I must say, the line isn't overly impressive, but I can appreciate how they are trying to partner Banana's contemporary image of business wear alongside fabrics, patterns and designs that mimic a tribal, safari-like world.

I like how they throw a splash of orange in the mix though...definitely shakes up the sometimes drabness of khaki :)

Welcome back, BR- I think I may have had that leopard shirt...

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  1. Ria, I actually just got quite a few things from Banana this past week (OK, quite a few for me means about 5 pieces). I saw this line you are talking about. I got some basic stuff - one I'd bet was in this off-white shirt, cardigan, and then a brown one. doesn't sound too exciting but it's actually all really cute. (also - green sweater - bright, cute, kelly green, and a white pencil skirt. All not in this line though!). I think the fun jewelry they have right now compliments some of the browns in this line.