Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Change Over

If the weather where you are is anything like Boston, it's changing EVERY day.  My AC and heat have been alternating for weeks (pulling out the rain coat today)- which does a doozy on the electric and gas bills.  Not to mention the allergies!  But with the weather changing, that also means it's time for the closet change over!

I am lucky enough to have two closets in my home, one for current wear and one to store for the off-season.  I started last weekend with the seasonal change over from winter to spring/summer- which also means the process of purging, cleaning, and evaluating what needs to be replaced.  Here's what I noted:
  1. White t-shirts.  Remember, buy cheap b/c they will get tossed every year.  Two words: pit stains.
  2. Pants and shorts are overrated.  I am self-admittedly a skirt/dress girl.  I hate to wear pants, jeans, shorts...must be those hips I was blessed with.  So, I literally keep 2 pairs of capris and 2 pairs of shorts.  That's it- I know what I like.
  3. Shoes/Sandals: toss the ones that give me blisters.  Honestly, who has time in their life for those silly pains when there are better ways to treat your feet?!
  4. DRY CLEAN WOOLS AND CASHMERE.  I made the BIG mistake of storing sweaters (and ones I had barely ever worn) without cleaning them first.  Those damn moths had a feast.  And I ended up paying more $$ to repair the sweaters than I should have.  Argh.  This year, I learned my lesson.
  5. Donate to Goodwill and get a receipt.  Honestly, I am amazed how much I could write off in my taxes from donations.  I happen to be a big fan of the whole "donate and buy new" helps justify my shopping habits :)
So do yourself a favor: bring those warm weather favorites back into rotation.  Store away the layers, and get ready for a little sunshine!  I'm clearly ready for my summer off...

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