Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Night Out Essentials

'Tis the season for holiday parties galore, and then (of course) there is New Year's Eve! Not that I am this huge party go-er, but I have been finding myself reaching for a clutch or wristlet as I head out to celebrate with friends or colleagues.  Not usually my norm...I like to take my whole purse with me JUST IN CASE I happen to need every single solitary thing- so not reasonable!  So, I decided recently if I had to scale back, what are my must haves?  (Phone, keys, ID, $$ and/or credit cards are a given.) 

I'm a total germ-aphobe.
Purell is a must. (and the 1 oz. are PERFECT)
Purell Hand Sanitizer $1.69
Thin compact mirror (Thin is KEY).
Amazon $5.00
Lip color that doesn't move!  Big fan of this.
Mac Pro Longwear $25.00
Not only do I love the scent (gardenia-like), but the size is killer.
I have never worn it without a compliment!
Kai perfume oil $48.00
I prefer the cinnamon and are perfect post meal!
Listerine pocket packs $7.50 for 3
Happy night out to all!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cable Cable Everywhere!

Snuggly softness is key at this time of year.  These last couple days in New England have been misery- rain, cold, wind, blah.  It so makes me want to curl up in a cozy blanket, read my magazines and drift off into blissful slumber.  Zzzzzzz  It just feels so natural to reach for all things cable knit, and I am finding it in the most amazing places this year!  Check these out:

Classic, cozy and cheap(er)! Love PB sale items :)
Cable Knit Throw $63
How darling are these for a hot cup of tea?
Local friends, Pine Straw sells them (and the tea kettle too!)
Cable Knit Mug $8.95
I so want these towels!!!
Cable Bath Towel, Target $12.99
I think a cream cardigan like this is essential.
Gap Cable Knit Cardi $69.95 (on sale now!)
Go ahead, grab your cable knit and rest up for the holidays!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Smells like Christmas

This past weekend, I went to my favorite local grocer, and they had a million fresh pine trees all lined up for someone to take home.  That smell is something I literally want to unleash the moment December 1 arrives!  It's clean and woodsy and makes me want to breathe fresh air on top of a snow capped mountain.  Shall we go??

Do you have any favorite pine scented products?  Here's a few of mine: 

Thymes makes the BEST Frasier Fir scent, IMO.
I happen to love the mist so I can spray my (fake) Christmas tree to smell like pine!
Home Fragrance $18
This Yankee Candle is a staple in my house at the holidays!
Balsam & Cedar $27.99
Another terrific option for a great price.
Soap & Paper Factory: Roland Pine $28
Love the lotion! Travel sizes are the best.
Stonewall Kitchen: White Pine $12.50 (lotion)
Can't you just smell the lure of pine now?? :)