Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Night Out Essentials

'Tis the season for holiday parties galore, and then (of course) there is New Year's Eve! Not that I am this huge party go-er, but I have been finding myself reaching for a clutch or wristlet as I head out to celebrate with friends or colleagues.  Not usually my norm...I like to take my whole purse with me JUST IN CASE I happen to need every single solitary thing- so not reasonable!  So, I decided recently if I had to scale back, what are my must haves?  (Phone, keys, ID, $$ and/or credit cards are a given.) 

I'm a total germ-aphobe.
Purell is a must. (and the 1 oz. are PERFECT)
Purell Hand Sanitizer $1.69
Thin compact mirror (Thin is KEY).
Amazon $5.00
Lip color that doesn't move!  Big fan of this.
Mac Pro Longwear $25.00
Not only do I love the scent (gardenia-like), but the size is killer.
I have never worn it without a compliment!
Kai perfume oil $48.00
I prefer the cinnamon and are perfect post meal!
Listerine pocket packs $7.50 for 3
Happy night out to all!

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