Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sale Time!

With Memorial Day weekend ahead, I felt like I should at least blog a little about up coming sales and what you should be looking for. Here's a great site for coupons from merchants all over. If you don't shop this weekend, you're crazy- it's just a perfect time to get in the summer time mood!

Five things come to mind that are hot sellers during this weekend:
  • Patio furniture
  • Grills
  • Fans/AC Units
  • Pool accessories
  • Beach cover up/ Summer clothes
I was doing a little online research about how to make the best deal during the weekend, and I came across this great little article. May it serve you well as we celebrate Memorial Day, Monday, May 31st!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Wear My Sunglasses At Night

Faithful readers, I apologize I have been so MIA! The travel gods have taken hold of me, and while my journeys were incredible on so many levels, I am tired...and well, hoping to get back into the routine of blogging, shopping and anything else that makes me feel good.

I was thinking of ways that I could decompress from all my travels (which may be hard while I am blogging in the middle of one of the craziest gates at Logan International Airport), but I was reminded on my ride here of how I need to find time to create a little sanctuary, especially in the midst of chaotic times. Which lead me to think about what gives me rest...the ocean...which then led me to thinking of sitting outside...and since this is a blog about shopping...I went to a necessary item for all outdoor activity: SUNGLASSES!

Until recently, I have never been a supporter of buying designer sunglasses. I always thought I'd lose them, scratch them, drop them, forget name it. And then reality set in. I RARELY lose things; I am super careful with my property, and I honestly covet some designer styles. So, what the hell? Break a few rules, Maria. So I'll protect my eyes, gear up for summer, and seek out someplace oceanic for me to wear them :)

The key to a good pair is fit and style. Depending on your face shape (oval, long and lean, round, etc.), you can identify which shape looks best and most comfortable on you. A few key points:
  • Make sure they don't slide off the bridge of your nose when you lean down. They need to fit snug enough that they don't move.
  • Make sure the style doesn't overwhelm your face. The larger frames that are trendy now can be fun, but remember not to look like bug eyed :)
  • Look for frames that complement your skin tone. I saw a very fair blonde woman trying on these jet black frames- it made her look even more pale, and didn't make her look very approachable.
  • Be careful with gradient lenses: they may look trendy, but sunglasses are supposed to protect your eyes from the sun! The darker the lens, the more UVA/UVB rays you deflect.
  • Always put them back in their protective casing. This is how they get scratched! Even if you buy a cotton wristlet to keep them in, it's worth it.
  • And if you simply can't keep track of your sunglasses...don't invest in full priced eye wear. Marshall's or TJMaxx often have designer styles at discounted prices. The new Nordstrom Rack (in Natick for my MA readers) has some fantastic ones at good prices!
While I decide which ones I want to splurge on, you can see the ones I really like...

The AviatorThe Jackie OThe RayBan Classic