Sunday, February 24, 2013


My love for all things Kate Spade is deep and long standing.  Maybe someday I'll get to meet her...

I am pretty excited about her new line launching in March called "Saturday"- why, you ask?  Because like most people, there is a deep and long standing love affair with the first day of the weekend!  It means no work (for most people), no alarm clock (unless you have kiddos), no crazy schedule (*notice how there are exceptions to every rule??).  Saturday is SUPPOSED to be the day off we all long for.

And now, Kate Spade is dressing us for it at a less expensive price point too! (Let's be clear, it's not Target prices, but definitely more affordable casual wear.)  The fresh use of color and easy "grab and go" style will be so appealing.

So here's to better Saturdays and dressing well for the weekend!  So pumped!

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