Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Great White T-Shirt Dilemma

I have a favorite white t-shirt. In fact, when I find one that fits particularly well and is the right combination of "bright white" and thickness (nothing worse than a thin shirt), I tend to buy multiples. After all, the white t-shirt is a basic staple for any great wardrobe.

My guess is you know the dilemma I allude to: the underarm stain situation. It's devastating. The perfect shirt, over time, discolors under the arm- perhaps for reasons I shouldn't share, but the fact is...we now are faced with the questions: Throw away? Salvage? Or wear with those embarrassing stains?

The solution has been found (again, I'll give my mom her proper credit here): There is a GREAT product called "Stain Solution" made by The Laundress ( that works like a charm. I was so skeptical about using it on my shirts after they had been laundered many times, setting those stains firmly. But, to my delight, with this product and a little patience to work it into the stain well, my white shirts restored their whiteness! No more underarm ick! So, if you want to hold onto that great white can, too- hooray!


  1. So, where is your very favorite white t-shirt from? I's so hard to find just the perfect one. :)

  2. A good question, Rach! So, I really like Banana Republic's pima cotton t-shirts. I have it in both long sleeve and short sleeve crews, and it has worn SO well. Again, thickness is key- and it's softer than anything else I own. Make sure the pima cotton has a touch of spandex in it, which helps it reshape after washing.

  3. Hello Laundress...goodbye pit stains...thank you Texas Transplant!

  4. That Laundress site has more laundry products than I ever thought existed! I wonder if your suggested one works on baby poop stains? Will have to let you know...