Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Never underestimate the power of eBay

This year I decided that I wanted to own china, and specifically fell in love with several of Kate Spade's patterns. I spent hours looking through bedbathandbeyond.com, trying to decide which one suited me best. I realized if you mix and match several of her platinum patterns, they're almost better than deciding on just one! (How smart are those designers?!) My mom (again, the good little shopper that she is) discovered that the Dillard's in our hometown turned into a mark down/close-out department store. On one of her visits, she found 4 or 5 Kate Spade platinum patterns, and I became the proud owner of my first pieces of china. Success!

So my mission: Add to the collection! Enter the world of eBay. I learned that if you misspell an item that you are looking for, you come up with a whole list for your search item that most people never see! And let me tell you because of this, my Kate Spade collection has grown significantly! Try it- you'll be surprised the quality stuff you find!

And for those who are interested or care, Cypress Point is my favorite pattern in case you want to supplement the collection :) (but Bonnabel Place is a close second!)

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  1. yay kate spade! i cherish my ks tidbit plates you & your sweet family gave us for our wedding :) can't remember the name of our ks platinum pattern, but love your tips to mix & match. what a great blog maria! so proud of you!!