Friday, August 28, 2009

Free Fallin'

Fall is around the corner (perhaps not for my southern readers), but nonetheless, that clear, crisp air is just begging for a few updates to our wardrobes. I'm ready because redheads just look better in fall colors :)

Lucky for you, I have a few thoughts about what to wear/purchase/hold onto/pull out from the depths of your closet for my favorite season. A friend suggested this blog entry last night, so while the juices are flowing, here's some ideas (ladies only for this post; gents, I'll get to you later):

  1. The color PURPLE: preferably in a deep eggplant or jewel toned magenta. Wear it in dresses, tops, accessories...even a great pair of purple ballet flats will be perfect with jeans and a great crisp white button down.
  2. Ruffles on shirts and jackets: it will add femininity and detail to the most ordinary of tops, but keeps you looking fashion forward. I've noticed great cardigans sporting elegant ruffles, which can easily be worn for evening events. I have my eye on this cardigan from Ann Taylor LOFT.
  3. Cinched waist emphasizing belts: wear them over button-down blouses, sweaters, cardigans or dresses...even the classic trench coat looks classier with a great patent-leather belt over it!
  4. Pins/Brooches: go dig in your mom or grandma's closet, and those brooches are hot! Again, it's about the details on your clothing. So, go find a great flowered or gem stone brooch, pin it to a blazer or sweater, and your need for jewelry is done. Watch how many people comment on them!
  5. Metallic flats: Think of this as a neutral shoe. You can wear it with any color; it adds a little flare to your feet, and if you're smart, they'll be incredibly comfortable. I am a huge fan of FSNY's pewter metallic flat- they are like a dream to wear!
Happy shopping!


  1. Maria, I love the metallic flat idea but have a question as the cooler weather approaches. What color socks/tights should one wear with metallics? Or maybe I should ask, is it okay to wear socks/tights with metallics? (: Julie

  2. Hi Julie! I think the metallic flat works best without a sock or tights, but when it does get cooler, the best option is to use an opaque sock/tight with texture. Think about wearing a pewter flat with grey tights that have a subtle pattern on them, for example. Steer clear of anything too sheer. If you get a silver or gold metallic flat, try to choose one more subdued than shiny, which makes it easier to wear an opaque black or grey tight/sock with them.