Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Seeing Red

It's no secret I love Target.

I love everything about it.
The Merona Collection is a fan favorite.
My location now has groceries (which are cheaper).
The athletic and comfort wear is reasonably priced and fits well.
There are endless upscale designers (like Isaac Mizrahi- sniff, sniff, I miss him) who create specialty lines for the store.
I can get $.05 off when I bring my own reusable bags to shop.

The Target credit card (or debit card) gives you 5% off EVERY TIME YOU SHOP. Why in the world wouldn't I get this card? I literally go there once a week (ok, sometimes twice)- and saving automatically seems like a no brainer.

I do love that you have two options for a card:
  1. A Target Debit Card can only be used at Target stores. It draws right from your existing checking account, just like writing a check. Remember, you'll always enjoy 5%* off, plus more benefits.
  2. A Target Credit Card can only be used at Target.com and Target stores. Don't forget, you'll enjoy 5%* savings and tons of other benefits.
And now, seeing Red doesn't seem quite so bad :)

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