Friday, October 1, 2010

Sweat Cutely

I recently have made a new commitment to getting in shape. Honestly, it's just time. After a really crazy summer, that flab above the waistline has gotten a bit OOC. (out of control for those who don't know me well). In any case, for a girl like me who loves fashion, I wanted to make sure I looked cute while sweating away the lbs :)

I laughed a bit when I heard that Stella McCartney (daughter of Paul McCartney) was now making designer athletic wear with Addidas. Honestly, if I am going to sweat and possibly stain clothing (let's face it, sweat stains), I'm not interested in investing lots of $$ in a piece. But in my recent perusal of her designs at Nordstrom, I fell in love with a few items:

Since we know ruffle is the hit detail of the season, who could resist this piece...

Or how great is this quilted bag? (I'm a sucker for a good bag...they never are a problem when you put on weight!)
And then...there was Zella, the Nordstrom product for athletic women's wear. How PERFECT is this coat? And seriously, who would wear this to exercise?

But I digress...the truth of the matter is, I'd never really wear anything this adorable to sweat in, but for my "sporty weekend" look, ABSOLUTELY. That makes me want to jump for joy like my girl in the top image!

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  1. OH MY GOSH. The purple jacket thingy is awesome! i want it! I loook fab in this purple color out this fall! too bad I have nooo time to shop! girl, you'll have to give me some suggestions of that cute plum color and i'll buy on line! love you! thanks for all your fashion tips! i'm with you -- i wouldn't sweat in this stuff but for my sporty EVERYDAY look, i'm in!