Sunday, September 26, 2010

Factory Facts

I'm an outlet shopper, as most know about me. And when outlet prices can be found ONLINE, suddenly the world of discount shopping becomes that much more accessible. I was thrilled to hear that J.Crew finally bit the bullet, and joined the game!

While sometimes the outlets disappoint me (they can be hit or miss, people), I usually make J.Crew a usual stop. There are many times when I find the outlet prices to be similar to sales in the full price store, but occasionally, you can score a great find. My latest was this really fun ruffled scarf (I bought it in charcoal gray) to add a little flair when the weather gets cooler.

I'm just pleased to see that that the online world continues to be enriched with more options. I was mentioning the convenience and joy of online shopping with a coworker who injured her foot, which resulted in surgery and several weeks of recovery. In a moment of panic, she asked me, "How am I ever going to shop if I can't drive to the stores?" I smiled, put a hand on her shoulder, and calmly said, "Friend, the world wide web. Online shopping will satisfy your itch, and you can continue to hide purchases from your husband since they'll be delivered during the day." :)

And that, friends, is a fact.

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  1. outlets and online shopping when tied to a computer and homesick? i fear this spells trouble...