Sunday, September 5, 2010

Feelin' Good, Mom!

There have been a lot of babies born in my life over the last few years. Not any babies from me per se :), but my ladies have all had little ones...and I hear regularly that they are looking for comfortable, chic, and affordable clothes for their lives. Seeing as moms on the go are constantly moving around, bending down, reaching behind...they have to have clothes that fit that purpose! So, I did a little research, and I came up with a few good clothing lines to support those mamas: (coming soon: Preggo moms who need to wear professional attire and still feel human...that will be for you, S!)

Gap Pure Body: It's the perfect line for layering and comfort. The soft fabric and color options for the basics like t's and tanks are essential to the wardrobe. The key to these items are the details which add a little something special: buttons at the shoulder, an exposed zipper in the back, a ribbed shawl neckline. And everything goes on sale at the Gap, so watch your sales!

Lands' End Feel Good: Not long after Lands' End launched "Lands' End Canvas", they also started a comfort line called "feel good" where there are several items that feel like cashmere, but are the softest cotton (which makes them more affordable!). I think one really nice sweater coat covers all ails (especially on those not so skinny days), and the ruffle adds something special to a normal everyday look. Imagine with a white t-shirt and jeans!
Pure Jill: This line from JJill is 100% comfort. And while their tops are WAY boxy and big (even the XS), I am a fan of the pants. I like that they make a cropped and boot cut pant, while also a slim leg for those who aren't yet ready to embrace leggings. While these are little more pricey for pants, the fabric and softness is well worth a good pair.

While those easy tops from Target serve a great purpose (and are affordable), it's sometimes worth getting a few more sturdy pieces (i.e., cardigans, sweaters, pants) and allowing yourself to buy the underpinnings which are easy to launder and toss when damaged. Feel good about that, moms!


  1. Love the cropped pants! I have a pair that I have been wearing since we came back to Boston and I haven't been able to find another good pair. I will have to check these out!

  2. Thanks soooo much for your ideas! you know i was wanting them! i just went by JCrew too and found some casual but cute and comfy shirts. you rock maria!

  3. oooh, really like that gap wrap sweater... didn't even know they had a pure body line. see, you teach us so much! love your ideas!!

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! I've finally given in to comfort and am looking for some cute stylish pieces to add to my closet.

  5. Thanks for dedicating some time to us! It's so hard to feel stylish - especially as a stay at home mom - since we don't have anywhere to go per se. It's also hard to embrace the new body we've been "blessed" with! I think these styles would be great for any mom!