Sunday, December 11, 2016

Week 6: Home for the Holidays

I am always intrigued by cooking stores like Williams-Sonoma (and Sur la Table too) and the people there.  Lots of gadgets and gizmos a plenty.  Every kind of pot, cutting board or utensil you could ever think of or want.  And at the holidays, I find all kinds of foot traffic in these stores.  If I could, I would pull up a seat in the corner with some popcorn and just watch all of the people and conversations being had over espresso machines and knife sets :) So here's my favorite finds this year from Williams-Sonoma, only because I, too, have perused the shelves with some gift giving in mind!

A friend clued me into these for kiddos!  Love the red.
Classic Apron, Kid 20% off now!
One word: DELICIOUS. Order them now.
Classic Croissants $31.96 (20% off!)
I swear by mini tools. They are clutch for every circumstance.
Silicone Mini Spatula & Spoonula $12.95
Excellent cutting boards that don't stain!
Epicurean Kitchen Series $11.95 - $34.95
Veggie brushes feel frivolous, but I use mine ALL the time.
Palm Veggie Brush $7.95
Happy hunting, friends!

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