Saturday, April 24, 2010

Time to Tone

Sometimes it takes me a while to "buy into" fads. I like to see if they wear off or sustain before I really decide to spend money on something that could potentially be a bust.

Let's take the skinny jean, for example.
I didn't wear this trend right away, seeing as I had my doubts about whether enough "normal" people could wear these without looking like fools. And sure enough, the skinny jean won.
Fads = 1, Maria = 0

Or there's the 80s comeback: slouchy fabrics (ladies, remember Units??), neon colors, and leg warmers. Seriously, it was enough in the 80s, and shouldn't be relived.
Fads = 1, Maria = 1

And now that we're tied, I'm faced with another: The Reebok EasyTone athletic shoe.I saw at the holidays there was a big push for these little trendsetters. $100 shoes is always an interesting sell, but the real piece of intrigue for consumers:
  • "Get a better butt and better legs with every step. With EasyTone Inspire, you can get firmer thanks to our patented sole technology, which emulates walking on sand. EasyTone technology improves muscle tone in the hamstrings, calves and glutes up to 28%"
Honestly, need I say more? I recently purchased a pair, and let me tell you, the Fad won AGAIN, up 2-1. They are even making a new "TrainTone and RunTone" shoe for basic training or running. So savvy. I'll tie things up before too long...meanwhile, time to tone!


  1. I saw these recently in a commercial and was wondering if they really work. So glad to hear you have tested them and like them....

  2. p.s. enjoying the new "trends" section ;)

  3. Hi Maria,
    Do you really like them? I've been thinking of buying them for weeks but aren't sure if they are just a fad. Tell me how sore you were and if you're still sore after wearing them :)