Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Forward

I am still recovering from Daylight Saving time starting last week.  Seriously, it's only an hour and it feels like 3.  In any case, when I made the bi-annual tour of my house to change every clock I could find (which happens to be so many more than I realized), I also had to find my watch(es) and reset those. Since I was springing forward in time, I wondered if my watch(es) also represented this new season upon us.

*Side note, while everyone else celebrates the beginning of Spring tomorrow, those of us in Boston are still digging out from ANOTHER snow storm today.  I shall refrain from complaining further :)

Back to spring watches...
 How fun is this from Sprout?
Organic Cotton Strap $30
I adore Skagen for $ and quality!
Color Border w/ Leather Strap $95
Marc Jacobs always knows how to use color.
Henry Dinky Watch $150
Pretty sweet anchor detail!
Juicy Couture "Rich Girl" $195
And while we are on the topic of time, Easter is around the corner!
seems perfect...
Fossil Grant Ceramic $235
enjoy this time of everything fresh, new and lovely!

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