Sunday, March 31, 2013

Stately Pride

I was walking through Nordstrom a couple weeks ago waiting on my yummy sandwich to be made from the Bistro (only so I could have their fries and that kalamata olive dip, let's be honest) and made my way over to the accessories department.  Wanted to check out some trends, but also just see what was showing for spring.

It's no secret that I have great pride in my birthplace (Texas!) so when I see items that creatively allow me to do that- I am totally on board. Check out this adorable beauty!  Naturally, I am drawn to the Lone Star State...

I enjoy how the state is spelled out inside the shape.
 (I must say Rhode Island is fun).  
Rhode Island Silver $42
And while I can give a shout out to the Bay State, I will...
Massachusetts Silver $42
So while I didn't buy myself one, I did think it would make a great gift for the high school or college senior graduating...or maybe to that friend who is relocating...or maybe just for someone who loves her state as much as I do!