Sunday, August 19, 2012

Boden Blast

It's no secret I have a deep love for the UK designer, Boden.  They have whimsy patterns amidst practical styles that just seem to fit the occasion perfectly.  Over the years, I have blogged about Boden, but just yesterday I reached a new state of enlightenment with the brand. :)

Boston somehow scored the ability to host a sample sale at our convention center.  The first was last February (still can't recall why I couldn't go), but my friend, S made her way over for some pretty awesome finds.  This time around, the sample sale would not be missed!  Let me paint the picture of this experience...
The line of people waiting to get in...maybe 500?
Tables set up to form a large square with the middle open for workers to stand and restock.  Each square was designated by size for women, a kid's section, men's clothing and shoes.  And then PILES of everything Boden on top of these tables for shoppers to sort through and try on/buy.  At 10am, the doors open, women beeline for their size and just start stuffing these large bags (see image above) with anything that looks halfway interesting. 

Fast forward to "selection time"- so literally women (and some men!) just line up on the perimeter of this room and start trying on clothes.  Why yes, there were plenty of undergarments shown (!), but those of us prepared came wearing a form fitting tank and spandex shorts :)  So you try on your pile, discard what you don't like...and then the real fun...sorting through other people's piles! 

I cracked up at the good nature of folks there- offering items to strangers who looked to be the right size for it- all the while, trying to weed out what you really don't need.  Even while standing at the checkout line, there's piles forming (again more discoveries!), so when you finally reach the cashier, you could STILL be editing.

One of my favorite finds for $30!
I walked out with some great staples, even for my sister, and I loved every minute of it (Thanks to S, C and J for joining me)! You have to be in a good mood, bring water/snacks, have multiple people with you to feed the parking meter when it expires, and maybe bring a spare boyfriend/husband (if applicable) to stand in the checkout line to help speed up that process :) 

Counting down to February 2013!

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