Friday, August 24, 2012

Let's Hear It For the Girl(s)!

Spoiler Alert: boys who read my blog (my brother and probably PH), this one's just not gonna do it for you.

Ladies, get your credit card ready to order- I am in love with a new (ultra cozy) bra called the COOBIE!

So my friend, A and I were traveling up the eastern seaboard a few weeks ago, and we stumbled upon one of these little treasures in a boutique in Salem, MA.  She found it first, with a "ooooo, come look at this! I want one!" and there history was made.  The coobie looks ordinary enough- almost sports bra like- but the straps are a bit too thin for that.  Colors are standard (and there's quite the variety), very little detail (some have a little lace, some not).  And shockingly, they are one size (well, 32A- 36D) and also make a plus size for 38-42D.  Honestly, you won't think much of it until you slip it on over the girls.

Then, you fall in love.  No underwire (honestly, what man thought of that idea??) and the softest fabric ever AND there's the slightest bit of padding so I really need to spell out why that's a valuable asset?

They were at STEAL where A and I bought our collection, but even for the lovely price of $20, I'd buy one for every day of the week if it were socially acceptable. Let's hear it for the girls!

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  1. Agreed - this post just did not do it for me. Can't wait for the upcoming feature on boxers vs. briefs vs. bikini briefs.