Monday, June 16, 2014

Hope with H&M

I spent a lot of time over the past couple weekends going through my wardrobe and making donation piles.  As you can imagine, I have way more than I need, and over time, things just accumulate.  Parting with "just ok" items becomes easier as I get older- I'm less attached to the thing and feel lighter as the load is reduced.  I shopped recently at H&M and discovered a wonderful, socially conscious effort they've been marketing- have you see this?

Long Live Fashion!

1.  Bring to an H&M store any unwanted garments or home textiles in bags (like towels, bed linens, curtains, etc.).  The items do not have to be from H&M originally, just anything you no longer any condition.
2. H&M then offers you a voucher for 15% off one item of your choice. (limit two bags per customer, per day- so only 2 vouchers per day).
3.  Valid at ALL H&M locations!
4.  H&M does not profit from these items- but instead turns it over to the customer (by way of the voucher) and makes donations to local charity organizations.  Check out

Then here's where the good stuff happens:
REWEAR:  Clothing that can be reworn is marketed as second-hand goods.
REUSE: Textiles that are no longer suitable to wear, are converted into other products like cleaning cloths. 
RECYCLE:  Textiles that can't be reused get a new chance as textile fibers, or are used to manufacture products such as insulating materials for the auto industry.
ENERGY:  When rewear, reuse and recycle are not options, the textiles are used to produce energy

Pretty cool stuff, H&M- even if the dress I just bought didn't wash well (bummer)! :)

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