Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Super Superga

It's travelin' season where everyone is off for adventures to the far corners of the world for culture, food, and fun.  While fashion over comfort may rule many women's wardrobe choices, I must say comfortable shoes should not be compromised.  Sure, a snazzy pair of heels makes sense for a luxurious night out to dinner (depending on how far you are walking), but for the day to day, sight-seeing, soak everything up kind of trip, make sure your tootsies are well tended to.

My favorite:  the Superga sneaker.  And better yet, guys and gals can equally benefit.  Leave it to the Italians in Torino (1911!) to get it right.

I favor the classic in mushroom (which is surprising b/c I hate shrooms)
Cotu Classic $65.00
Saw these recently and liked the details:
Crochet $90.00
Linen is SO fun!
Linu Light Grey $80.00
Slip on in a classic gingham- so happy!
Red Plaid $65.00
 You pick, but trust me when I say they are comfortable AND cute.  A rare find when you just don't want to wear athletic shoes. Happy travels!

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