Monday, May 19, 2014

We are Gladiators

Now I may have a small obsession with Olivia Pope (go OPA! Gladiators 4-eva!) and her wardrobe, and her attitude, and her overall ability to kick a little A when she wants to.  But I digress...gladiator sandals are super empowering and somehow make me feel like I, too, could kick a little A when I need to :)  Try a pair this summer with colored bermuda shorts (think cobalt blue or kelly green) and a classic white T in linen or cotton.  They also look spectacular with a straight black cotton skirt and a sleeveless blouse (maybe in olive green or cream).  Let the shoes speak for themselves!

I enjoy the studs on these beauties.
Arizona Cherry Gladiator $29.99
I like how these have buckles on the sides- rugged, yet fun.
Mossimo Pam Gladiator $22.99
The mother ship of all gladiator sandals, in my opinion. 
Caesar Gladiator $385
However you try to channel Olivia Pope and her team of gladiators,
I hope you feel empowered in doing so!

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