Sunday, November 9, 2014

Buffalo Plaid Rocks

Maybe if I were from Maine, I would feel differently about buffalo plaid.  But truly, I think it's adorable- kind of a mix between lumberjack country and New England prep school.  This time of year buffalo plaid shows up as it has a festive, holiday feel, especially in the red and black combo.  I fancy some of the alternative tones, too.  Just wear it in a classic form (don't go too far back country!)- it can look a little drab if not coupled with a great pair of jeans, for example. See if you like any of these classic options:

LLBean $24.95
Perfect fleece for a weekend trip
Joe Fresh JCP $13.99
Ready for rain?  Yep!
Target $29.99
How about a nice green version?
Gap $54.95
Most of the time you will see buffalo plaid in a flannel or fleece fabric, but find a cozy, soft version and get yourself ready for comfort!  I happen to covet a nice pair of sleep pants...

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