Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wrapped in Love

I never fully appreciated the value of a well-wrapped gift until I met my friend Kara. Now, in fairness, she's also one of the most creative, innovative artists I know, so it shouldn't have surprised me when she taught me how much love can go into presenting a gift- no matter how small or large!

But when I received a gift from her, it FELT special. It looked as if she spent time preparing it for me. It showed that regardless of what was inside, she had wanted to offer it to me with class, style and creativity. So, friends, let me share the gift that is the Paper Source.

I love everything about the Paper Source.
Wrapping paper: check
Fancy wrapping paper: check
Ribbon selection: check
Greeting card options: check
Holiday stickers: check
Every color under the rainbow cards & envelope sets: check
Stamps and ink colors: check
Helpful staff: check

I really love their holiday wrapping paper. I usually buy 2-3 sheets of various designs, stock up on red grosgrain ribbon, and poof!- The perfectly wrapped gift. I also adore their gift tags where you can stamp a holiday greeting for your own creative message. I even like using their holiday stickers on plain cards to make it festive. It's just the crafty person's haven- and if you're not the crafty type, I swear their supplies are easy enough to fake it :)

So, take this tip from me: Your gift recipient will love the gift 10x more when it's presented with care. And all it takes is a little time to find great paper and ribbon to tie up the goodness!

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