Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mi Casa es Su Casa

With the holidays calling, we are fortunate enough to have friends and family invite us for dinner, parties, gatherings, game nights, family traditions- you name it! Like a good southern girl, I do know the value of a quality hostess/housewarming gift. With all of the shopping to be done in the upcoming months, it may be good to make note of a few quality, creative ideas to say thank you for the invitation and all the planning your host/hostess did to make the evening a success!
  • Wine Wraps: I LOVE these from one of my favorite catalogs: Garnet Hill! It's a perfect way to dazzle up a bottle of your favorite red or white. Add a personal message, write a cute jingle, or simple say "Thank you!" with style.
  • A scented candle: I'm a fan favorite of the Bath and Body works holiday line: Both Pumpkin Patch and Evergreen are two I never go wrong with. Evergreen smells like real pine, subtle and fresh, while giving your home the perfect cheer. And you can't beat the $5 price right now!
  • Stonewall Kitchen out of York, Maine makes the BEST little jams, sauces, marinades, chutneys- it's all delicious. They make them in perfect 4 oz. sizes for gifts. I would recommend the Red Pepper Jelly (delicious accompanied by cream cheese and Triscuits!) I also think the Citrus Teriyaki Sauce is fantastic for marinating pork chops.
  • Pepper Mills: I know, you're thinking, "Really? A pepper mill?" But truly, these are adorable, conversation pieces for anyone's table. And instead of buying those McCormick pepper mills from the grocery store, why not give a great reusable one?! They also have a fancy stainless steel with a custom painted top coming out in November ($32)- so check it out!
  • Holiday Decor: I realize not everyone celebrates Christmas, so you can't go wrong with traditional "winter" decor. I've given these precious twig reindeers in past years- they are perfect on a mantel, arranged on a coffee table, or even to serve as a center piece for your table. Every recipient has loved them so far!
So as you start to celebrate the good times with loved ones, remember your housewarming gifts and don't forget to wrap with care...A well wrapped gift is often as appreciated as the gift itself! (I have a special love for The Paper Source and their holiday wrapping...more to come on that!)

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  1. yay! just what i was looking for! :) great ideas...want to have me as a houseguest now?